Wells Stables Los Fresnos,Texas


Boarding Charges:

Pen Board w/ Turn out $350
Pasture Board: Group Turn out $250
Includes: 14% feed 2 X daily - Hay in Pens - Supplemental round hay bale Pasture
Small stall: 12x12 $475
Large Stall: 12x24 $600
These prices include turnout, and fan/light
Training w/ stall 12x12 $750
Training w/ pasture $650

Includes 14 % feed 2 X daily
Fresh hay - Daily stall cleaning - Automatic water - Turnout - Fan/Light
All horses will be turned out daily unless instructed by owner.
Horses are given fresh bedding once a month, if owner wants more bedding in between they must furnish it.

Optional Charges:

Shaving $45.00 (Legs,ears, bridle path, muzzle, eyes)
Body Shave: $300.00
Barhing: $35.00 each
Lunging: $15.00
Day training for Boarders $25.00
Day training for non-boarding horses $35.00
Worming: $ Market price + $5.00 to administer
Wound Care: $10.00 day (owner provides supplies)
Day boarders: $30.00 daily (stall and bedding)
Show Charges

Shaving horse $45.00 (Legs, ears, bridle path, muzzle, eyes)
Hauling: $1.00 per mile
Instructor fee per day $65.00 + expenses/day
Horse day lease $50.00/day
Banding - pay bander usually $30 - 450
Shavings, Stall, Tack Stall (Priced at Show)

Wells Stables 31387 Stanford Rd Los Fresnos, Texas 78566 Call for information 956-493-3222