Wells Stables Los Fresnos,Texas

     Horseback Riding Lessons

Our lessons are private to begin with and can be combined in a group after the first few classes. I prefer to work one-on-one at first so we can have a good format for our first few classes. Other arrangements can be made if there is more than one in a family taking lessons.

Lesson packages are available to give our clients a discount when they purchase lessons. The first lesson costs $45. Subsequent single lessons cost $30.00 each.  By purchasing a package of 6 or 12 or larger you are able to save money on your lessons.  If you decide to purchase one of our packages, the complete amount is due before you start taking the class.  

PACKAGE #1   6 LESSONS FOR $150.00 {25.00 each}

PACKAGE #2   12 LESSONS FOR $250.00  {20.83 each}

 PACKAGE #3   30 LESSONS FOR $500.00  {16.66 each}

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